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Duane Tursi

 Posted by dtursi (#50) 783 days ago (Editorial)
Duane Tursi is currently the Principal of Yottabyte, LLC. In the past, he was the CEO at Netarx Inc., a Farmington Hills provider of Internet Protocol-based services. Helped found Netarx with Sandy Kronenberg in 1996 as a network security company.

Michael Compton

 Posted by mcompton (#50) 782 days ago (Editorial)
Compton has helped Cambium to refocus its sales efforts on managed services engagements.

Barbara Dove

 Posted by bdove 762 days ago (Editorial)
As President and CEO of Dove Help Desk, Barbara promotes a culture of patience, understanding and quick, accurate responses. "We help computer users to stop fussing with the technology, find its true use and get back to work."

Damian Leibaschoff

 Posted by dleibas (#36) 782 days ago (Editorial)
From within his role in Microsoft, Damian Leibaschoff has been providing support for the SBS family of products since 2001. For many years Damian has been a driving force behind the scenes getting fixes for the product before they would even become noticed by the users. Furthermore, his posts in the Official SBS Blog are the ultimate source for information and product improvements. Damian is a co

Frank Coker

 Posted by fcoker 761 days ago (Editorial)
Frank launched CoreConnex, Inc. in 2005 with Co-founder Tony Lael with the goal of creating a company that provides business resources to the IT solution provider market. Frank has specialized in management consulting, business development and information systems technologies for more than 30 years and a Certified Management Consultant (CMC).

Erik Thorsell

 Posted by ethorsell (#50) 783 days ago (Editorial)
Mentored by an American Express executive, Erik wrote his business plan and quickly signed American Express as SCC’s first client. Not long after, other large companies followed, such as Target and Cargill. But Erik’s interest was really with those small senior management offices he supported at Amex, so he shifted SCC’s focus to small and medium-sized business, where he knew his technology sol

Greg Smith

 Posted by gsmith (#50) 783 days ago (Editorial)
Greg Smith is the chairman, president and CEO of Accudata Technologies. Upon joining Accudata in 2002 as CEO, Smith stabilized the company, began a rapid expansion into new markets and initiated the development of new technologies and services.

Travis Austin

 Posted by taustin 761 days ago (Editorial)
Travis Austin is the CEO at Rezitech.



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