Abhijit Chatterjee

Abhijit Chatterjee

 Posted by HeatherL 1456 days ago (Editorial)
A Young Technopreneur (of 35), working knowledge of more than 14 years in total and 12 years as Technopreneur in IT Industry, is dedicated towards work, learning and adoption of new technologies. Continuous worship towards the technology made him worldwide topper in MCP in the year 2007. His dedication and zeal towards keep himself up-to-date on latest technologies made him Double MCP. Today, he is an Industry Certified Professional. His certification and award includes SBS Specialist, Certified Surveillance Consultant, Security Specialist, and so on. His consultation and its implementation on Microsoft platform has significantly reduced IT Process, Manpower, CapEx and OpEx to clients like Indian Railways, C.B.I., various other State Governments and Central Government Departments, Universities, Banks, Public Sector and Private Sector companies, SMEs, SOHOs and Individual Professionals. He has recently been awarded by Skoch Digital Inclusion Award 2012 for among the top 100 ICT Projects in 2012.

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Written by mike281
1435 days ago
Not sure how this "young technopreneur" was able to get 1098 votes in 20 days!?

I must admit my ignorance and say that I have never heard of him, while some more prominent nominees are nowhere near Abhijit's number of votes.

Written by JimB
1400 days ago
Not Sure how but I saw this guy's voting not move until someone else, I think Tom something became close to his score then he jumped about 200 votes in an hour. Seem suspicious.

It is just hard to believe that someone that really does not exist on the Internet has so many votes when there are many reputable people that are easily a Google search away with so little votes.

I can even easily find the guy in second place.

Just thinking out loud.

Written by Abhijit
1377 days ago
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Written by Abhijit
1377 days ago
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