Alex Rogers

Alex Rogers

 Posted by ARogers (#50) 1747 days ago (Editorial)
Alex Rogers, President, CharTec
Rogers built CharTec from his experience as CEO of ARRC Technology, a solutions provider that he launched in 1992 with a $300 investment. With support of ConnectWise Capital and under Rogers’ direction in 2010, CharTec grew 2,300% in revenue and from 170 partners to more than 600 within that year. Rogers is an expert on hardware as a service (HaaS), backup and disaster recovery (BDR), and overall sales processes that drive recurring revenues. Colorful. Outspoken. Energetic.

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Written by scopeland81 (#50)
1737 days ago
Alex is one of the driving forces behind my success. When he says he is there for you at all hours he is one of the few that has backed that up with actions! I would not be where i am at today without his advice and yelling matches :).

Alex is a true partner in every sense of the word.

Written by dalemater
1737 days ago
Alex dude! Your the BEST!

Written by gbaldridge (#345)
1732 days ago
Great work Alex!

Written by breed123
1732 days ago

Written by 47265
1732 days ago
The Managed Services world is a much better place because of Alex Rogers. His ideas and concepts really work, making a lot of money for a lot of people.

Written by 47265
1726 days ago
Without the passion, drive and ambition that Alex provides, our business would still be barely making payroll, and chasing random problems all day. Using the systems and services that Alex Rogers and the amazing CharTec team provides, we are successful and we have systems in place to easily add clients and grow. Alex is one of the few people that can change your life and bring success to your business.

Written by brandireed
1726 days ago
It is no surprise Alex is on this list! His passion for this industry and his partners are like no other.

Written by JMurphytech
1725 days ago
Alex and his CharTec team provide a value to the SMB Channel that goes far beyond just the products and services they offer. Having full access to Alex’s MSP has been a game changer for me. I only wish I would have found CharTec sooner.

Thanks for everything Alex!

Written by nmtechs
1718 days ago
Alex is a visionary and an amazing success story. Yet, his most powerful contribution is his generosity. For those of you who have not gone to his Academy, you must! That is, unless you are from my neighborhood, then you can just skip it ;)



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