Ben M Johnson

Ben M Johnson

 Posted by bjohnson (#50) 1746 days ago (Editorial)
Ben is Founder and CEO of Liberty Technology and Founder and Publisher of Kitchen Drawer Illustrated. He focuses on how technology can make your life, your business, and the world simpler. He holds a Master's in Computer Information Systems, and countless industry certifications from the likes of Microsoft, Cisco, and Apple.

Ben currently serves on Cisco's Small Business Executive Exchange - a group of approximately 30 business leaders that meet with Cisco Executives to influence Cisco's overall strategy and future direction in the Small Business market Segment.

Ben also serves on Labtech Software's newly formed partner Advisory Council, and is the founder of the website, where over 500 MSPs have frank discussions about MSP software solutions.

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Written by TTTampa
1735 days ago
Congrats Ben! Your experience, passion and accolades like this are some of many reasons we enjoy having you on our Partner Advisory Board at LabTech Software. -Tony Thomas

Written by CbeyondSales
1733 days ago
Ben, well deserved nomination! You are truly a leader & innovator for the SMB space. You have been a great Cbeyond partner over the years and only look for many more years of continued success. I can think of no one else that should win this award. - Brian Bitler

Written by teddylawhead
1723 days ago

Why am I not surprised that you are nominated for this well deserved award? You and Liberty Technology continue to make waves as an IT, Voice, and Data expert for SMBs.

Great work and continue your great success!

Written by scrimmin
1717 days ago
Ben not surprised at all to see you approaching 500 votes! You and your entire team at Liberty Technology are an outstanding Cisco partner. Your commitment and dedication to your business and the community your serve in the greater Spalding is second to none. From all of us at Cisco thanks for what you and your team do every day and continued success in the future!

All the Best,

Steve Crimmins

Small Business Account Manager - Cisco Systems, Inc.

Written by jccahill
1713 days ago
Ben congratulations on your well deserved nomination. We in Griffin appreciate all the work you do to support the community, the Chamber of Commerce and the School District. Your "Kitchen Drawer" is a great publication for a small city. Liberty Technology has great, expert advisers to help us non geeks figure out our computer needs and provide the support and service we require.

Good luck!

John Cahill, President, Cahill Merchant Solutions



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