Earle Humphreys

Earle Humphreys

 Posted by ehumphreys (#50) 916 days ago (Editorial)
Earle has worked in the information technology industry for more than 20 years. Earle Humphreys most recently was the head of Comptia’s Business Accreditation Program where he designed and built THE FIRST independent Security business technical accreditation in the industry targeted at VAR market and Security vendors channel partners.

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509 days ago
Davis' title was of particular interest because while one assumes that he'll be performing specific coaching-related duties, especially as it applies to defense, the non-coaching title was an interesting workaround that would ostensibly allow Davis to keep the $2 Alex Smith Jersey.7 million severance package he received from North Carolina after he was fired in 2011. Had Davis been hired as a coach, the annuity would have dried up much sooner, as any income he received from coaching would offset



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