Matt Makowicz

Matt Makowicz

 Posted by MMakowicz (#50) 1747 days ago (Editorial)
Over the last 3 years, as a consultant to the IT industry ( he's helped numerous vendor companies develop channel programs and build sales organizations as well as helping thousands of IT companies through my seminars, books, and business coaching.

Matt Makowicz’s successful Managed Services Practice has created millions of dollars in recurring revenue. As an MCSE and sales professional Matt unveils his tools, tips, and strategies for sales success.

Matt continues to sell managed services and IT service contracts to small and medium businesses. In addition, Matt coaches and trains on sales and selling managed services as well as continuing to speak about sales, selling service agreements, and various topics for IT providers to grow their businesses.

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Written by miragusa (#13)
1717 days ago
I am honored to be nominated in this contest with you. Through the times we have met, your work, writings, and friendship- I have the utmost respect for you. Matt you absolutely have my vote and support. Best wishes, Michelle

Written by hjerseynfls1
1327 days ago
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