Matt Nachtrab

Matt Nachtrab

 Posted by mnachtrab (#50) 913 days ago (Editorial)
Matt Nachtrab is the Chief Executive Officer of LabTech Software. Responsible for overall strategic planning and business expansion, Matt is truly committed to the vision of developing and commercializing a unique Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) application that is designed from the perspective of today’s IT services technicians and professionals.

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Written by bjohnson (#50)
897 days ago
Matt should be listed as a Leader as that is what he's been doing not only in the MSP provider space, but more importantly to me in the MSP software space. Coming out of nowhere, Labtech is on the leading edge of MSP RMM space and unlike his competition, he understands the SMB MSP's needs and has made available an RMM that is written from the service provider's perspective, not the software company's feature list.

Written by CepheusSolutions
894 days ago
What Matt has done to the RMM market has been amazing. I have had the pleasure of watching Matt shape and form his vision from a small startup with a small group of energized and enthusiastic employees to the LabTech we know and love today. By building LabTech into the company it is today he has also steered the RMM market in his direction as well. Matt’s vision and leadership in the RMM and MSP market will continue to push the RMM offerings envelope.



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