Nathan Codding

Nathan Codding

 Posted by NCodding (#50) 1744 days ago (Editorial)
In early 1990’s Computers ABC was opened as a boutique IT training facility. Computers were expensive and few new how to use both end-users and mainframe IT showed up to take training courses. As time went buy Computers ABC grew to 3 locations. Training was the big thing back then, however as time went on computers got less expensive and more people started to buy. It lasted for several years before the large box retailers came along at which point the company started in with Novell and IBM consulting. Taking a page from the old days we would train the in house IT guys and then 2000 came along. Overnight everyone became an IT consultant. Today only 1 location is left in Los Angeles. Nathan was very involved getting the SMBTN group started and today is its Secretary/Treasurer. He still helps fellow IT consultants and train’s in house IT staff. We appreciate the nomination from one of our peers.

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