Paul Freedman

Paul Freedman

 Posted by PFreedman (#50) 1744 days ago (Editorial)
Paul Freedman is owner and founder of Freedman & Co. CPA, P.C. a boutique certified public accountant firm in New York City. Freedman adopted web-based document management (rare for a mid-sized company at the time), with on-line search features that could bring a document up in seconds – allowing accounting staff to respond to a question immediately even while a customer was still on the phone. Freedman took full advantage of the web-based system by replacing all file cabinets in the office with sleek 55” high-def TV monitors throughout. In a client meeting, tax and financial documents can now be brought up and displayed within seconds. Finally, Freedman adopted Citrix “Cloud” hosting of his environment – long before Cloud use was common – to minimize IT costs and assure that the system was available remotely. A decade later, with minimal staff additions Freedman & Co. has not only grown but been able to open remote offices, and retain a high-caliber client list.



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