Shari Godgart

Shari Godgart

 Posted by SGodgart (#36) 1744 days ago (Editorial)
Shari is a seasoned business professional, holding positions as a Partner & Senior Manager, Sales Trainer, Recruiter, and Event Manager. She now continues the adventure in the channel as part of the co-founding team of the exciting new start up ChannelEyes, aimed at driving communication in the channel to a new level. Shari's approach to business is a personal one. She values building relationships, and understands the importance of connecting others for the greater good. In her spare time she volunteers at the Double H Ranch, an organization dedicated to children with chronic and critical illnesses.

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Written by rchester
1739 days ago
Shari is the exemplary professional and a warm, wonderful person!

Written by georgeb
1736 days ago
Soooo Proud of you love you

Written by miragusa (#13)
1717 days ago
They say behind every great man there is a woman; well right next to the incredible Bob Godgart,Jay McBain and Dave Geohagen, Shari stands as the smiling face of ChannelEyes. She is intelligent, dedicated, creative, and passionate. All qualities which I think makes her someone who should be included in the SMB150.

Written by newlife7252
1429 days ago
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